The Confessions of Clayton Younger

We are excited to presentThe Confessions of Clayton Younger, tales from a wry, weathered traveler in the American West, written by award-winning filmmaker Patrick Mehaffy and performed b y Scott Harrison. Click on the thumbnails to view each chapter! 

Confessions emerged from the Playhouse’s innovative response to COVID-19: Shelter in Plays. The first two chapters, "Spring, 2020" and "Fool for Love", were featured in Shelter

Stay tuned for Chapter 6, "Montana Sky," to be released on March 25th, with a new chapter to be released each month. But also keep a lookout for some surprise installments of this ongoing series.

Ironweed would like to thank Patrick Mehaffy, Robyn Rikoon, Annie Liu, David Carter, Kent Kirkpatrick and the Santa Fe Playhouse for their generosity, creativity, and for the opportunity to collaborate on this series.

Enjoy our first 5 chapters of The Confessions of Clayton Younger, and stay tuned for more chapters to come! 
Presented by Santa Fe Playhouse, in co-production with Ironweed Productions and pieboy films.


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